Our emphasis is on fundraising for sustainable projects that will benefit communities that are in need of long-term initiatives to sensitively equip their people to better exist in the 21st Century, with the hope of improving the lives of future generations.

We also provide responsible volunteer placements that have been carefully developed to meet a range of needs at our charity project locations. These placements offer huge potential rewards and a valuable experience for both volunteer and community alike.

As we are a not for profit organisation, monies donated go directly to fund our projects. Monies paid in lieu of a volunteer placement go further in helping to benefit the local communities involved through providing services to volunteers.

Some responsible volunteer programmes will pose greater challenges to travellers than others. This means that we are able to cater to the ambitions and desires of each of our volunteers.

We are always sensitive to the needs of the communities which host our responsible volunteer projects, taking great care to ensure that volunteers add any extra dimension to the project without putting a local out of a job.

Our Projects and Volunteer Programmes are designed to provide people of all walks of life with unique experiences that cultivate personal growth and result in a meaningful contribution to the conservation, education, improvement through use of renewable energies or the sustainable development of its indigenous communities.

Our responsible volunteer programmes have been fully explored and risk assessed by the mindthegap team and our partners. All of these programmes have been set up to help address the current and future needs of local communities.